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what to do in life?
Workout so you get a retarded bitch gf and you can beat some 60kg guys unless they do mma or some shit because they will break your bones but life is a risk right
[+18] What Would You Do?
[18+] If you could have sex with 1 celebrity
No they have similar faces not only in my opinion
Yea ofc you will,we are slavs hehe. You wont really drink 70%+ alcohol,unless you have a hardcore friend from a village who has an uncle who makes it illegally lol. I have 2 of these friends,one has 7...
I'm done.
I'm done.
He is not the big boss tho
Should I quit my job?
Why the hell would you quit job for CS xd
how to avoid bad teammates
All of classmates are Nova and when I hear them talking about the game it hurts... U can only get good online friends, but it's still not normal friends,just cs friends
[18+] If you could have sex with 1 celebrity
My gf is pretty similar to her hehe
wtf is thorin doing?
America just needs leaders like EU has and then you would instantly realize how being "racist and nazi" is the only way for white to survive
Rich Piana Dead
the midget guy kills the blonde who is mother of dragons or what
Rich Piana Dead
People think if you use steroids you are instantly like him xd You still need to work your ass off,thats why he motivates. You might not get as big as him without roids,but you can get a dream body wi...
Coffee drinkers
16,never GL being addicted to coffeine l8r
its rigged anyways
Keev fat?
Gaming is not bad Laziness is bad