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Vega Squadron vs Sharks
I cant imagine a more cancer matchup, 2 teams that have no idea how to play man advantages
AGO vs x-kom
My site has +2,5 at 2.24 for ago... something tells me throw spotted
Sharks vs Unique
Only in lootbet would the favorites pick their worst map and lose 2-0 xD
ATK vs Singularity
Bet singularity map 2 hc, tenz drops 39, bet atk map 3 and no one can shoot their gun, nice
ATK vs Singularity
another free 2-0 for singularity?
Spirit vs Vitality
EZ for the best french super team
FURIA vs TeamOne
ty for 4.34 odds map 1 furia :)
ATK vs Riot Squad
Daps will build the structure that this team so desperately needs, he's not the best but he is definitely a step in the right direction. Tenz is a good player as well and may even bring some life back...
ATK vs Riot Squad
He’s going to c9 with daps soon
Vitality vs GamerLegion
2 5v3s and 2 2v1s lost by GL, losing to a force theres the difference in this game
Sprout vs G2
Bet on sprout and not only do they blow more than usual, but they also can’t even veto correctly, brain dead Germans stick to coding cheats
Singularity vs ATK
Round over - Winner: CT (10 - 15) - Bomb defused ryann defused the bomb ryann killed Domsterr with aug (headshot) ryann killed TenZ with aug (headshot) ryann killed Fadey with aug ryann killed bla...
OpTic vs Tricked
optic free money pick one
Party Astronauts vs Good Game PR
now that they've thrown +1.5 EZ stomp 3rd map
Party Astronauts vs Good Game PR
Epic 322 by party astronauts, IBP sign these guys