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Alabama of your country?
More like Skellefteå. Fits that description quite well. At least the incest bit.
21.3 bmi still fat xD
Start getting active at least in the gym and get some muscle definition. Will be less prevalent.
Music genres you cant stand
"Screamo" isn't heavy metal. Metalcore, trap, K-pop, pop, most rap.
losing body fat
Eating 500 calories less than you burn everyday will essentially help you lose about 0,5 kgs per week.
I rate your car for fun
Saab 9-3 Tid 21 In the military since September 16th Yeah.
Drinking in new years eve
Beer mostly
Your job
Most days, yeah. They tend to allow us to go out into town if we're not going to the shooting range or driving the next day, for obvious reasons.
Worst Things About Your Country
Political correctness, socialism, feminism, my neighbor.
Your job
I replied to the other dood.
Your job
Well, I've been off duty since December 13th, going back January 7th. I've just started my 'specified' training, and I'm learning how to drive this little thing right now. https://www.youtube.com/watc...
Your job
I've been in the military since September.
FaZe major stand-in
Well, FaZe is also bad atm, and what player currently without a contract would be better?
Liquid still wont win...
I can see Liquid taking Mirage and D2 if they keep playing like they did on Train, maybe even Inferno. Will be much closer games though
pussy music thread
What are you working with?
I'd lie if I said it didn't suck sometimes, but I'm 3 months in at this point and I'm really happy that I'm doing it. The bond you build with people in such a short amount of time is insane.