Let's make HLTV great again. To make it happen we should get rid of :
- happycrank
- biledani
- jonathan_e
- cakebuilder

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S1mple broke Zeus
at least I tried, but he is from my city indeed
S1mple broke Zeus
ceh9 (a famous youtuber) said it to me (he is a friend of mine living next door)
S1mple broke Zeus
agree, s1mple was the one who punched Zeus in the face few weeks ago
sorry but oldschoolers can't compete vs new generation (scream/niko etc) they weren't as good at tapping people's head as today's pro gamers (most likely cause of better gaming devices)
S1mple 2016
Device isn't top1 Modric isn't top1 as well
Leak: S1mple to FaZe, Jan 2019
cause navi are stronger only because of him navi with s1mple > faze nowadays faze with s1mple >>>>>>>>>>>> navi
s1mple >>>>>>>>>>>> dev1ce
s1mple 1 graffiti device 0 graffiti Kappa
Navi Vs Astralis? A joke final
still better than C9 even while being omega shit xD
2019 - Year of Bandera (WTF?)
didn't even know, ty for reminding
1. s1mple 2-10 irrelevant
mousesports vs Vitality
zywoo aka new s1mple inc 1v9 all the way, baby
s1mple vs dev1ce fistfight
s1mple is taller and heavier if device isn't a karate kid, then he is in trouble
Russki logic
I've already heard that in 2014-2018 all that Russia vs USA crap is so funny to hear, especially considering the fact you couldn't do shit even vs Turkey when they shot down your jet. The best you are...
Russki logic
the funny thing before russia attacked us we didn't really think about NATO, now the majority of country is FOR it
How Na'Vi should be fixed
coudn't agree more, 2 of them are literally granddads, electronic somehow couldn't afford condom despite 300K earnings and flamie is a washed up player while being young (seized v2.0)