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His viewers are 10-12 yr old kids, eot
Why the fuck you care man, it will never be this way. We would also want to have Commonwealth back, but its not going to happen. Why are u so mad
Ukraine got rekt 1947-1950, nuff said ma frend.
Give lvov back cyka
weed, smoked a lot hash, smoked shitloads of it shrooms- 1 time experience, pretty nice planning on trying lsd, extasy and maybe coke - 1 time only
Liquid Fugly
Should have sued a hotel for they 16-0 loss. Havent seen anyone this salty, even at fucking gaming paradise :DD
Player punishments...
no one cares, na cs will always be na cs
Why pasha plays bad - the truth
pasha has the worst game sense and decision making, brain overheats when has to do something more than clicking
sunde mtw
attend some english classes if you have hard time understanding, also learn to put the question mark in a right way lel
It is a matter of choice i would say. typical poorlacks do not give a single fuck about their hairstyle, if you have hair longer than 3 cm (or popular nazi haircut, quill) you are a fag in their opin...
VP = over
byali has only good aim terrible game sense, same as pasha
I'm proud of my country
ayy lmao real life gta
his average audience is between 9-15 yr old, its all good cuz those kids are locked down in one place you can imagine what is going on there kids feeling special cause they are subbing to this cring...
Are you racist?
dont like -any arab related (except mia khalifa) -gypsies i am not racist towards educated black community, fx usa/canada, people who integrated well with white race