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No fap? Lmfao. Anyway, 5000 steps isn't much at all. If you're doing sports 2 litres isn't going to cut it btw. Also re-adjust your sleeping schedule to sleep earlier and wake earlier.
Ryzen 3000 or intel?
I have a 2600 and I've had 0 issues with fps. It's quite impressive tbh
Girlfriend addicted to clubbing?
She's banging other dudes or has been thinking about banging other dudes. Give her more attention or dip. Your 2 options if going out with her isn't possible.
Why are asians so fucking hot
Generally speaking, guys that are obsessed with Asian girls I've found to be insecure, weak and only like them because they're perceived as demure, submissive, small and fragile. There's lots of prett...
Now he's not screaming at games in that stupid voice he used to put on he's actually fairly decent to watch when you need to kill 10 minutes.
Your longest gaming session?
Mate it's still spring. 37 is nothing.
Gla1ve is the most valuable player of all time.
I don't disagree with most of what you said, but you forgot to state that magisk still has craterface.
Ninja gets destroyed.
Yeah I don't get it. He looks like he should be dildo'ing himself on chaturbate for a living.
Minimum wage
Me vs annoying bratty sis diet
Sadly I'm an adult, so in many ways it certainly isn't. But uninteresting? No.
Me vs annoying bratty sis diet
Maybe you should create a Tumblr if you want to blog about your uninteresting life.
What feminists in your country do?
Act like spastics.
Twistzz hair
He looks like a wank.
Coldzera's jump shot, or s1mple's double no scope?
Do you smoke?
30-50ish a day (rollies) depending on how shit work is, drinking, boredom, etc. Been smoking for 17-18 years now and I'm trying to cut down so I can quit. It's now a $140-ish a week habit and it's bee...