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high sensitivity user.

I do respect any pro player that plays with a high sensitivity!

I love Taiwan and China! Gogo!


PS: yes, i'm a white french, and yes i do speak chinese.
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FRANCE is #1
I sexually identify as...
memes is for internette kids*
kennyS is GERMAN ???
Please do ! :p
kennyS is GERMAN ???
Hahaha! They are going to rekt us at soccer tho, for sure. If we even pass Island test tho... haha! GL !
is semmler gay?
Hahahaha! Alright then.
is semmler gay?
Only half gay then. Can confirm ;)
wtf shox...
You might be right about OW. Although, the game is brand new, so i think that it is quite fair that experienced fps players (like you) get to the top faster at the beginning. I do believe that when t...
wtf shox...
The CS franchise has been the best for me over more than a decade!! But now, i think it's time for me to let it go. I'm playing overwatch now. Trying to be competitive in this one. And i believe OW ...
wtf shox...
Don't worry he isn't the only one in the mud... Lots of other "pros" are cheating too ;)
wtf shox...
Well, that is a lot of "coincidental locks on" for all of those pros... Slightly too much for my liking, at least...
wtf shox...
Indeed. They just have to let the masquarade play to its full potential now... They can't possibly ban any of these pros, i think. The reason being that it would tarnish the whole csgo community/legit...
wtf shox...
Sadly, yes. +1 I have to say, i think many pros use some kind of "cheat" anyway. Glad i've been off playing and watching overwatch... This is not gonna get any better for csgo, imo. Just sad...
Overwatch second try
Just multiply your csgo sens by 3.333333.. and you've got your (theorical) OW sens. Problem is you can only have whole numbers for sensitivity in OW. so you might have to tweak it slightly! Mine was 2...
Overwatch > CSGO
You might be right. But around 40% of the people i know in cs droped it completely since OW came out. So did I. So, we'll see!
Overwatch > CSGO
Played about 50 hours of OW since it came out and didn't meet anyone against or with that i could suspect of cheating... Feels... Refreshing.