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I have a very big deja vu. Seeing MIBR performing like that reminds me of how polish VP have fallen. Both teams did changes that haven't worked out, brought back players that were in the successful sq...
Best Major in your opinion
Dreamhack 2014 and Katowice 2015
Gambit didnt deserve it
That's their problem. Gambit took advantage of that and won. CRY IS FREE
Next major in Poland
Personally, best day ever. I can't talk right now because I was calming down some Danish people next to me like everyone did. Next Major in Poland pls <3
eleague 2017 vs pgl krakow
Dunno, I'll be at the arena on saturday so I'll give my opinion on how it was organized. This event hasn't ended yet so you shouldn't judge right now.
Major in Sweden?
It's 3rd day and you're already judging. Wait for the end and then we'll talk
I still belive in FaZe
+1 xD #1 fan bursted into tears in LA
-allu -kio
if so +jugi +MICHU
I still belive in FaZe
SK will be champions. I hope for SK vs VP fianl but i know it won't work
I still belive in FaZe
There is one good thing for them. They won't be eliminated by SK in BO3 in this tournament :D
I still belive in FaZe
If so, they would easliy win agianst PENTA. They should have destroyed them but they had problems even without nasu behind PENTA.
I still belive in FaZe
I'm pretty certain it started at Cologne. Even SK had problems with PENTA.
I'm sad for FaZe
+1 but they will bounce back at next. I will tell him that if I meet him at the arena
Major predictions!?
+1 but if they play Vega it won't be.
Mixed EU team game
Ropz/HS Karrigan Niko Rain Oskar