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CS 1.6 legends vs CSS nonamers in CS:GO
how the fuck does it use cs 1.6 movement its no where near the same
"G players the price money if they go on with sk, so that they have to stay with lg, because the org gets the price money before the players recieve it, " the LG players dont really have a choice whet...
fnatic vs TSM
autimatic matching olof impressive!
G2 vs NiP
f0rest 2stronk
NiP vs OpTic
are you retarded?Nip beat them yesterday/the day before and have been good on this map the only reason theyre losing is cuz gtr/f0rest are having a bad game
OpTic vs NiP
f0rests awp is on point today i actually wonder if he would lower his sens to awp
eleague group b games?
when is the first game?
i thought they singed a 2 year contract in december 2015 oh well thank you!
I just dont get it really confused since the first contract to LG shouldnt it cancel out that one from SK shouldnt there be something in the contract that says the players cant sign anything else?
Liquid vs Luminosity
im confused the first mstch was a bo3 now a bo1?
NiP vs fnatic
yea i totaly agree they beat them in a onlin game wowowowowowo
TyLoo will not play ELeague
can u show us where he said that?
Game Of Thrones HQ
well thats even more proof that its prolly fake theres no way HBO would let that happen twice lol
Game Of Thrones HQ
dont see how it can be legit considering it hasnt even aired yet
ex6tenz as an igl
plss all he did was get carried by shox and co and he just baited for kills where is happy now ??? at the bottom where be belongs ezzz