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OG set to sign autimatic and mixwell in replace of Poizon and ISSAA - Report
No Awper?
Vitality vs TYLOO
We will have to see it in the winner's match!!
Vitality vs TYLOO
Vitality fix
Alex is not a frenchie, so they can maybe bring up some one else. But again Alex may be exhausted in the last couple of days due to the heavy schedule of games/tournaments, and lets hope that the Beij...
Vitality fix
You are absolutely right my friend, firstly i didn't considered him as a good IGL but after watching his strats in few games i changed up my mind, but if you see the strats Vs fnatic, Vs Renegades, Vs...
16-13 G2
G2 vs fnatic
You Say 2-0 to fnatic even though they both are looking strong? But.... :D I enjoyed your comment bro! :D
FURIA vs Vitality
Winner of this match will play the loser of Eg Vs Renegades!
Vitality vs fnatic
A bit complicated as most of us knows that you have to play one Bo1, then Bo3 to Qualify/ or to fall in to the lower bracket, after that one loss to eliminate or win to continue your journey!
Vitality vs fnatic
You have to lose 2 Bo3 to be eliminated!
Vitality vs fnatic
Winner goes lower bracket semi final, loser goes lower bracket Round # 1
Na`Vi disband
Na`Vi disband
Navi wins vitality's map, Navi win Malmo, Now if navi is losing them disband navi.. You guys are genious! :D
Vitality pick
Yea that's true.. But still they could have tried!
Vitality pick
Exactly! I dont understand this pick.. dust2 should be a better pick. Strange!