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Ok, fnatic needs a change
as you can see from VP, changing roster isnt a solution. You just need to find proper roles within the team and practice more. i don't know why every team make roster changes every 6 months
VP win isn't legit
i don't know if ur baiting or not. Eleague signed deal with orgs not players, so changing team isn't alowed. And orgs can change only 2 players throughout the tournament, SK and Luminosity changed ...
TBS ruined Cs
i didn't even know we could watch it in Tv, i found mid quality stream ;(
TaZ: "I didn't even have to call"
maybe the stream i was watching cut off for a sec but i can't recall him saying that.
VP Top2
didn't they dropped out from major and eleague in group stages?
Hillary or Trump?
i'd vote for Hillary if her last name was Scott ;)
we just need to change the rules of the games, every game should start with overtime, they'll win them all.
that's not my point, i just said people are not sad coz of money or shit job. tbh ur luckiest person in the world if you love ur job, which stops being work at that point.
people here have same kind of jobs as people in Germany, you can live pretty good life here for 2k euro so this is not the reason. We just think smiling at strangers on the street is wierd and people...
I'm really happy with the result we have right now. I'd rather see Polish team get out of groups on every big event then winning euro once and be like Greece (not trying to insult you guys).
tickrate is shit and i have 80-90 ping normally, still fun game and i like the comp aspect
m0e hated
so you are saying that parents of this kids fucked up coz they let them use their credit cards and gamble. Isn't m0e stream like "adult only" or some shit? i know you just need to press "yes" but af...
m0e hated
If you choose M0e for rolemodel ur fucking moron and u deserve the outcome, that is one thing and u need to be retarded to ever think that gambling (and i mean any possible way of gambling) can be pro...
Top 10 series :)
also The Night Manager and Preacher
Top 10 series :)
1. True Detective (1season) 2. Mr.Robot 3.Breaking Bad 4-5.GoT 4-5.Sons of Anarchy 6.Hannibal