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Pink Floyd fans come here
Some of my favorites, Any Colour you like Dogs Comfortably Numb Summer 68' Set the controls for the heart of the sun Ill do albums also Top 3 Animals Dark side of the moon Atom heart mother
Your 3 favourite Queen Songs
1. millionaire waltz 2. Seven Seas of Rhye 3. Sheer Heart Attack
EZ way to suicide?
I hope you don't mean this in a serious way if you are, get help. Talk to your family, a psychologist, anyone who will listen. Suicide is never the answer, stay strong, you are loved <3
ICE Challenge dodgy tournament
I'll fix ur nickname
:D ty
I'll fix ur nickname
me please
coldzera leaving
ez report
Mouz situation
I do remember this, I cant get a link because i forgot where it is from, but I backup what he says. This was the main difference between Snax and Styko, he did a lot of calling for his team.
I'll Rate Your Favorite Albums
Ill have to give them a try.
I'll Rate Your Favorite Albums
I would rather brothers in arms 7/10 also, but I listen to their debut more than BIA.
I'll Rate Your Favorite Albums
I know Wrong Side of Heaven, but I never listened to them much, and not a whole album of theirs
I'll Rate Your Favorite Albums
8/10 definitely my favorite of J Cole
I'll Rate Your Favorite Albums
the only album I have listened to by Duran Duran is Rio which i like. Do you recommend this album?
I'll Rate Your Favorite Albums
Never listened to this album :( Maybe ill give it a try
I'll Rate Your Favorite Albums
funny enough though, those are the only 2 albums I have listened to. Plan on listening to the rest by them soon.