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device top 1 confirmed
Xyp9x or glave
technically probably yes, but Messi is a freak of nature and he's more natural, just like Ronaldinho or Ronaldo were.
Ronaldo is the best human can be, Messi isn't human, the rest isn't even close
esea vs faceit
esea vs faceit
what about this european community league?
r8 1v5
considering fps, that was godlike. Somebody should study how your brain adjusted to it
It would be better, if he would have waved them with big smile and a belt in other hand. Than turn around and wave to Irish fans.
Khabib made a huge mistake
and all this talk about being an example and "fighting for legacy, not for money". Now he ruined his legacy, because more people will remember that jump than 27:0 and they will fine him hard, so no mo...
Khabib: the most important thing
he had it all and fucked up hard, I'm dissapointed. This is not like champ should behave and he talks about Conor being wrong example for kids.
lagging servers
I mean MM servers EU
McGregor vs Khabib
Conor got this. Khabib is mad, just like Aldo was. He will be too emotional and will get clipped on the way in. If he survives 2 rounds than he will win, but I don't think so. Conor is too smart and t...
EU = Joke
lol :D typical kebab thinking, "do everything for me and be glad I'm here"... if you come to another country it's your job to learn their language and integrate
Unfair life
Pussy, put your life together and stop being a victim. You can be a man bitch if you want to, you don't have to even look good to do it. You don't have to do hard jobs, if you can use your brain. Most...
Female Scene is a joke. But why?
why there is a famale scene? Its valid in sports, but in esport? Can anyone explain?
Russia is racist?
Russia isnt rasist because you know: "no man, no problem."