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multiplayer games?
Insurgency: Sandstorm is pretty fun rn
I will r8 your city
Heavy autism at work
About "big update"
fan of Astralis get an overdose
That fucking sucks :( Rest in peace to the guy-
This is the right answer.
Imo it's MMA. MMA is the ultimate sport, the closest thing we have to the great gladiator games of the past. Two elite athletes who have spent years polishing their technique in a wide range of differ...
Kylie jenner billionaire..
Losing hope in society in 2018 LUL
[18+] 30/10 girl?
Good on her for doing what she loves I guess. But imo she looks kinda gross tbh. Built like a fucking Belgian blue bull. Those legs looked horrible. 1/10
[18+] 10/10 girl?
Too ching chong for me. Why is this 18+ thread? Not a single pic was even remotely close to being 18+
about bosnian genocide
There's a Balkan thread every couple of months here, this one is so far more civil then I expected.
about bosnian genocide
"They just dismantled the former Austro-Hungarian Empire," Lol, the great Austrian Empire lost a war against small time Serbia. Nobody forced Austria in to this war. They went full on crazy over a te...
about bosnian genocide
Because they were terrible people? Rape is something a terrible person would do.
Swole Patrol vs Não Tem Como
"NTC, which has apparently been paid for months, will most likely be dropped from SK Gaming if they fail to beat Swole Patrol in a best of three."
Brazilian haters, come here
I'm laughing my ass off right now, please post gifs of crying Brazilians.