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-adreN +koosta ffs
Koosta wasnt able to play with them cause when liquid qualified adren was still in liquid and koosta was in hi previous team. by mlg adren had to play other wise liquid couldnt play.
hue hue i am in normal weight and got a girlfriend. i guess that u need muscles to fit ur ugly face
USA mocking Norway?
k bro
USA mocking Norway?
your country is leading in rape crimes over every country in the world...
USA mocking Norway?
a rehab for a mass murderer?
144HZ monitors are bullshit
the fact that the eye isnt working by frames its not a camera...
girl I love
i wish u good luck my friend. and if u succeed and i truely hope u do remember that the best relationships and marriages are between best friends :)
rpk with a seek ace and a round where he gets 3 seek hs 1st faggits :D
you are talking about propoganda while doing one....
do you know the meaning of apartheid?? stop trying to sell shit first go learn the definition of apartheid how can israel be an apartheid if arabic is one of the mother languages we host 1.8 million i...
FaZe Clan's salaries
you make more money out of fan boys when u have your own organization with jerseys and sponsors so on
#Pray4Israel ?
lel ok m8 we make season of bombings lel you can go and blow urself up ahmed
#Pray4Israel ?
your proof is a video on youtube? lel go learn history m8, youll find that the entire arab leauge (all arab nations) denied the solution of two countrys and declared war.
idk if u can prevent yourself from puking BUT the body gives you a heads up 30 minutes before or few times before just know when u sick and sht and you mouth start to fill up with more saliva it means...