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I'm not hiding anything, I just don't care about HLTV that's why I didn't even bother changing the flag. I don't know how to do that either. Who cares about a board full of braindead people? Oh, you d...
Agreed. UK teams would do better instead of SS. Like invite I don't know.. that UK team. You know the name probably..
ONLINERS Online & Inferno. Get rekt.
Did Soda really threw Turkish flag?
I thought it was Turkish, who cares about Saudis tbh.
Did Soda really threw Turkish flag?
oh i got jebaited?
TBH Xantares always plays like this. Maybe not to this extend but he outaims or dies most of the time.
Space Soldiers vs Rise Nation
GX vs eXtatus
LOL how do you even compare those? Frozen is a tier 10 player, I know he's the only one you got but it is becoming emberassing.
Hmm, okay, let's see. How many civillians US killed in Iraq war? If you combine every muslim terrorist attack you won't get near as much civillian deaths happened in Iraq. Why there was an Iraq war, ...
Chances of dying because of terrorism or that kind of stuff in Turkey is pretty low. Ofcourse it's higher than other countries in Europe but if you die in Turkey because of terrorism, you are one unlu...
why do turks hate everybody?
You friend is either lying or an idiot.
why do turks hate everybody?
Okay, i'll be serious in HLTV. As a Turk, i don't hate Greeks at all. I hate seperatist Kurds for sure other than that people are clueless about this. I live in İstanbul and i deal with tons o...
WHY So much HATE against Muslims?
Yeah, and i'm sure those kids died with a nuke were attacking US. Also do you really need me to send you more links about US killing people? I can do that.
WHY So much HATE against Muslims?
Yes, TSM and Flipsid3 tier 30, sure.