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will never happen i think^^
+so happy to see dat again
Bravado vs Iceberg
Ez for Sonic aka OnlyHeadshotMode
SK vs Liquid
ok gl with your bet then^^ if you wanna throw skins for nonsense, i can send you my tradelink, so you dont need to rage while watching this. its better for your heart
SK vs Liquid
if you bet on liquid, your brain does`nt work at all... I don`t wanna see SK win at all, not because i hate the team, they are a nice team and all my respect for the way they made. but i don`t like th...
Cloud9 vs Heroic
according to the african union
Best pornstars
Cloud9 vs SK
Why so pussy now? you started to talk about skill and throwing arround with competitve ranks...^^ funny boii. And if theres a proof needed to let you see it was a throwing game, i really cant believe ...
Cloud9 vs SK
read my part i everything you telling me about cs now i did with one line and you need 50? thats called skills to^^ as i said cs go is only fun for me now and you act again like i wanna go back to pro...
Cloud9 vs SK
2001-2002 aimlosers, 2003 mtw.atn, after finished cause i had other stuff to care about in my life. But what you are trying to be, i have already behind me my friend. Even if CS had not that popularit...
Cloud9 vs SK
lol you must be silver or goldnova and a true fanboii^^. Talk to me when you are global or supreme and you realised not global random mms doing bullshit like this. BTW there is no reason for me to eve...
Cloud9 vs SK
yeah and its definitly not possible to realise its not working out after 3-4 rounds if you are member of "the best team in the world"... i dont even think you would do that in matchmaking. There is no...
SK money?
+ at least one brazilian knows what was going on...
SK money?
Thats exactly what i`m thinking after seen this trash last night^^. I didnt see the SK - FC match cause that one vs c9 was already to much for me... So now SK should be banned from leagues like they d...
Cloud9 vs SK
you can try that 2- max 4 rounds. but that was to much and dont tell me sk would do that in a major so fuck of it was a Throw