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Best Team in CS History?
not talking about 1st or 2nd world bro^^ i visit brazil couple of times my wife is half brazilian. im talking about the political situation... you will never know what happen to brazil
Best Team in CS History?
it could be 2020 and brazil will have no internet anymore
Best Team in CS History?
Nah not even
Best Team in CS History?
NIP played vs bots?^^ there was a Time LDLC, FNATIC, TITAN, NIP, NAVI, VP, HELLRAISERS and DAT were dominating the whole scene for a reason and im sure if valve wouldnt start nerfing all those weapons...
if vp had device, they would have won against gameagents
SK vs NiP
North vs OpTic
just keeping on chainlogics is not a good idea for betting but yeah optic should take this
EnVyUs vs Cloud9
not long ago vp lost like everything against tier3 teams and now they are facing ago which is defently not pro level and they struggle again
EnVyUs vs Cloud9
looks like you forgot about the whole Virtus Pro
G2 vs FaZe
FAZE Rooster looks strong yes and g2 is struggeling atm, but i wouldnt overrate that new "sick" Faze team. Not now at least... They need Time with each others to optimize the individual skill they`ve ...
Space Soldiers vs EnVyUs
dont be like that... turkish scene is build up on one tier 3 team^^
Astralis vs OpTic
^^ says the german: mousesports isnt even close on denmarks tier2 level...
Renegades vs Kinguin
i realy think aussies gonna do that
Brewtopia vs iNation
GODSENT vs fnatic
go home you`re drunkin