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SILENT vs mYinsanity
it`s all about the benjamins baby^^ but believe me all of those teams not better than average ESEA B+ mixed EU
Country you can remove
Hard words from a guy not showing his flag... remove any country at south part of africa, and your dad never had the diamonds to pay your mom... Not a big effect, but you would not exist
Country you can remove
Finland just to close next to russia... Give finland a chance: send trump to finland to build a trumpwall between fin/rus and make finland great again
Country you can remove
Russia is still the brainless country Nr.1! Not even talking bout the government... Its the people from russia. Not ready to learn anything else than drinking vodka and swearing. Play EU Matchmaking, ...
180cm acceptable?
fake flagger and toilet cleaner damn you know alot about me^^ tell me more 3rd world boii Learn to read statistics... Highest average females is Netherlands with 169cm ma man and you tell me something...
180cm acceptable?
not everybody in here is a freaking nerd like you wanna be cetnik. And trust me, i would fight anyone
180cm acceptable?
or he could beat your ass in front of your girl if you even have one, and take her home after he showed you what happening in real life, if you open your naughty mouth^^
180cm acceptable?
maybe the girls in your country... outside of australia we call those animals kanguroo
180cm acceptable?
midget^^ conor mc gregor is 175 and he would beat your ass so damn hard... so how does it help you to be tall boii?^^
Pe**se size?
1cm best to handle, everything above is overrated
So what else did he do in 2014, compared to the 2018 Nr. 1 player aka Goat aka S1mple? Isn`t it smart enough, to use your main talent combined with a little bit of knowlege and gamesense, to out aim a...
yeah but its a important point aswell, and if they would put Swag in to a better team, he could proof his real skill. Ofc you see him only shooting and shooting now days, but its because he`s playing ...
Well my Friend, that boii is playing a shooter game, so whats wrong if he is shooting and shooting?
Astralis vs G2
G2 Hooligans burning down the arena!!!
NRG vs Natus Vincere
Bad? It made my day watching it^^ People in goldnova matchmakings would get kickvoted for that