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100 Thieves vs MIBR
Will we see the classic 100T lose first map to then win the series 2-1?
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Endpoint
A truly pitiful T side. What a shit performance by endpoint
Yeah vs Alcoholics Anonymous
365 had them at 26 when they were down 15-10 on d2. Fucking insane
FunPlus Phoenix vs c0ntact
Really good point, small differences like this are what keep Astralis and Na'vi at the top
G2 vs FaZe
Hopefully i get lucky, Faze have the better individuals
G2 vs FaZe
Accidentally went hard on Faze to take map 2 instead of map 1, fml.
mousesports vs OG
Still 3.2odds on OG to take inferno? I'll have a go on that any day
Swole Patrol vs Liquid
Why did you expect that? Liquid are in form on overpass and vertigo is swoles favourite map to play aside from Train
Swole Patrol vs Liquid
Anyone can predict it after the map has finished lmao
Copenhagen Flames vs HAVU
Lol i knew this game was going to be fucking ridiculous, wp havu.
Copenhagen Flames vs HAVU
I think Havu will win but this will probably be a close 3 maps with a load of retarded rounds
100 Thieves vs Swole Patrol
1.83 odds on 100T to win the series rn, think its worth a go
Natus Vincere vs BIG
BIG at 3.1 odds to take map 2? i know Na'vi are strong on D2 but come on now, definitely putting something on that
SKADE vs HellRaisers
Jesus skade 83% over 29 maps on inferno. Solid as fuck
New England Whalers vs Alcoholics Anonymous
Lol, whalers opened as favourites and now they are at 7.4 odds after losing 1 map? seems insane to me that bookmakers allow games like this, Esports is so fucking shady sometimes