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shox bench when Vitality?
Yeah agreed, one of the best players to ever play on his day
shox bench when Vitality?
No idea why you would remove shox, i am biased but he's still one of the best players in the world on his day and even his quiet games aren't awful EDIT - his stats have actually been quite poor for ...
G2 vs Endpoint
All of you saying endpoint are better with this lineup are insane. Us UK fans know how important FlameZ was
Best Clutch ever?
Yeah i've been watching since 2014 and never seen anything like this. Absolutely insane clutch, never see one like it again
Gambit vs Heroic
That is the absolute best clutch i have ever witnessed. People will be watching that years and years from now. Fucking insane
Gambit vs Heroic
14 combined
china csgo foreign fans
Asian cs has the best aim per player imo but garbage strats.
Reminder: Your life is nothing but the people your love
Very accurate but it will fall upon deaf ears on a site like this. Most users are probably under 21 and aren't mature enough to realise things like this
Movistar Riders vs Lyngby Vikings
Who the fuck cares? He's trying and he was close enough to understand what he meant.
Sprout vs Dignitas
Dig are usually better on T side but thats a good bet anyway imo
Sinners vs Anonymo
? moron
Sinners vs Anonymo
Burning money
Izako Boars vs Movistar Riders
Very cool movistar 😎
Offset can play train, wouldnt be surprised at all to see extremum lose this
Liquid vs
Lots of liquid believers just like vs astralis. Vp 2-0