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flusha aimlock in FPL
That's not how aimlocks work lmao I can't believe people still think that aimlocks are exclusive to the head hitbox.
Orgless vs Ancient
Holy shit you're a dickrider.
Fxyo's statement regarding the life ban
Really hope Valve reconsider for all of the players. People change, and a year ban is not only good enough punishment, but also a significant life lesson. Solo gets let off, but you guys don't. <3
Legendarylea ok...
Those that make twitch money are exempt from the large majority of rules.
luminosity cheating
lmao my favorite thing in this community is when a team upsets another team, the angry fanboys go "wahh they're hacking so obvious!" and show that they know nothing.
LOLYOU watchers autistic?????
Obviously, unfortunately Weebyou plays with Jontron and h3h3. Also he's a hacker so fuck him.
"the kid was a moron" Well, he was cheating so he's obviously an idiot.
Flusha tweet
How is that "bait"? It just comes across as you being a fucking mong. "Hurr hurr I was only pretending to be a retard!"
Crowd booed
People want esports to be a sport, but then get upset and shocked when people boo or cheat or trashtalk. Lol.
That feel when NA...
Or the fact that we beat VP, or the fact that we're growing every day. Or the fact that Fnatic lost vs C9 at Valencia. And our crowd. It comes pretty far down that list. Anything to discredit NA thoug...
hiko moms hot atleast
I'm not defending him. This shit is far more cuntier and trashy. Like you have to be kidding me? The only reason you could think this isn't scummy is if you were born in a fucking village or a trailer...
hiko moms hot atleast
Yo you people need to chill for real. That shit isn't cool. Like on a grand scale y'all are proving that you're 1000 times scummier than Hiko.
hiko respect
oh shit...
rage, just got on..
Cold is fat too lmao
What Happened?!
Keep hating on Liquid even though it should have been admin decision AND LG just fuckin' stopped playing lmao. "Let's just give up mid-round, guys!"