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did liquid had an era?
they were basically the only notable team for a 4 month stretch, and they underperformed at the major but we don’t know if that’s indicative of them falling off or if it was just a one time thing. aft...
Liquid in your language
ok turkey burger
omg TenZ
pros arent even that good at cs, theyve just practiced thousands of hours
she is 17, and she literally said in an interview that she mainly wears baggy clothes so that people wont sexualize her, and the one time she wears a tanktop people instantly sexualize her lmfao
worst team to ever reach #1?
good point
shit in your language
Swedish cs
worst team to ever reach #1?
Oh so winning 6 events in like 3 months isn’t enough?
worst team to ever reach #1?
Liquid in your language
most skilled team off all time
Astralis never beat Furia
Astralis never beat DreamEaters
stewie2k the gem
Exactly, much like in the very early days of Liquid EliGE activated nitr0, Stewie is now activating EliGE
stewie2k the gem
No, you just pay attention to the round losses more than the wins. Tbf, you have to be somewhat smart to understand Stewie’s impact, which you obviously aren’t. You are suffering from confirmation bia...
Best cut of steak?
I’m a big fan of a nice New York Strip, medium rare of course
Worst 1AWP from Top 20 Team???
Twist is the worst awper/player because literally the team has JW and decide to use twist
do u tolerate gays? or do u accept them? or do u hate?
if you dont accept people who are simply living their lives without harming people than u are an idiot tbh