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Most legendary GPU
imo, r9 290x
I rate your keyboard
using the DZ65 v2 hotswap so it's not that big of a deal to switch out, i just was curious about Durock stabs
I rate your keyboard
are Durock screw in as good as everyone says they are? I have GMK screw in's right now and they are fine, lubed with 205g0
I rate your keyboard
yeah im definitely not an enthusiast yet, but I really enjoy the hobby. Planning on doing an Alice build sometime next year also im gonna join in on the GMK Honors GB, but i cant decide between light...
I rate your keyboard
+1 this, my current set is pbt dye sub, but i want that thock that only doubleshot abs gives, but GMK is so expensive. thinking about buying secondhand GMK Nines from mechmarket but idk, so expesnive
I rate your keyboard
I rate your keyboard
i know, but nice keycaps (ePBT, GMK) are so expensive brooo
I rate your keyboard
custom: TOFU65 aluminum case Aluminum plate DZ65RGB Rev 2. pcb Genuine GMK screw-in stabilizers (lubed with 205g0) Holy Pandas switches (lubed with 3203) random shitty keycaps from kbdfans
EliGE Smile
EliGE handsome smile but that is not normally, This very very insane....They need to check him teeth and dentist.....
Gym Workout
yeah if you are gonna go three times a week, full body works okay. compound lifts are generally more taxing on your body as a whole, so only going three times a week gives your body time to rest. i a...
yeah i remember this
NiKo or EliGe
niko's aim is really good, but elige is overall a better player imo
RTX 3080