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Flamie start playing when it doesn't matter anymore
dude s1mple and electronic are legit some of the best players in the whole world, and NaVi is still banking on them playing on top form all the time to win a match
Flamie start playing when it doesn't matter anymore
sure you could give sdy a chance, thats not bad. Still what angel has been able to do with lesser talent compared to what zeus has done with two top 5 players cements angel as a more impactful player ...
This is so fucking cringy
dude its so gay and cringe lmao its so cringe cringe crin
Flamie start playing when it doesn't matter anymore
but you dont need a star player, u need a consistent player, which hobbit is. also, angel is a good fragging igl and plays a looser style, which would fit navi's skillset better.
yeah but are they really? do u really think NaVi is a better team than Liquid? and be honest
Flamie start playing when it doesn't matter anymore
and u know that because of that performance people will justify his spot on the team although him and zeus dont deserve to be on this team at all, they need angel and hobbit
Liquid Top 1 rank hltv
astralis era LUL liquid era now
adreN's Reaction to Faze Beating Astralis
"we playin faze?!" thats so funny dude
yeah like they are aware of the scores of other games during their own game
they arent throwing, i.e. they arent losing on purpose but they clearly arent giving it their all
are traps gay?
not if u never find out
so NaVi is allowed to use that excuse but when NA teams travel to European events its not valid? Listen, NaVi hasn't beaten Liquid since Jan. 2018, its ridiculous to assert that they are better than t...
did liquid beat astralis i missed it
no they lost
Blast finals
Liquid is already confirmed to be in the finals, they could lose 0-16 and still be in