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Have you ever heard of sabermetrics? Stats matter, just not necessarily the metrics we are using today.
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
Liquid vs Astralis
and how would playing bo3 be any better? They'd still be playing tougher opponents. News flash, someone's going to have to play better teams.
adreN joins Mythic
replacing witmer, who had stepped down from the team due to unknown reasons.
G2 vs SK
this is why I never took to shox. He always comes off as immature and his attitude is just embarrassing. He should get fined and penalized for tilting/throwing.
Cloud9 vs TSM
NA CS. Just why is a roster like TSM getting paid to play?
Luminosity vs Echo Fox
This is why I don't see Echofox going anywhere. People keep propping up seangares as a great NA IGL but I'm not convinced. He doesn't seem like he can get his players to play with any discipline. Afte...
The NA problem
this hits closer to the root cause than any of the other BS player swap solutions. You can't build a team when there's no stability.
It was the right read against dignitas, who appeared none the wiser even though renegades aggressively held short. They were caught off guard again and again. Renegades got the first kill in many of t...
yea, he made all the right calls and put his teammates in the right positions but the team as a collective couldn't make the frags.
Luminosity vs Cloud9
I really hate Luminosity when they are so disrespectful. Eat shit haha.
EchoMix vs Bee's Money Crew
they are in another match right now with complexity. The team might have to forfeit if they can't make the match.
Tempo Storm vs Cloud9
why didn't they stack a site with those two rifles, it would have given them a better chance to win the round or atleast save those rifles into the twelve round. Fucking dumb
Tempo Storm vs Cloud9
RIP C9, those map picks are horrendous.
Luminosity vs Selfless
kid's an idiot.