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And Niko isnt even German :D
mousesports vs Envy
Bot B mvp once again
mousesports vs Envy
mousesports vs Envy
True that. Best igl ever if he can't lead his team to win even in 5v4 :)
mousesports vs Envy
Rofl, BOT B should retire asap. Can't even win 5v4 :D :D :D RIP onlinesports
mousesports vs Envy
haha, onlinesports couldn't win even when 5v4 vs G2
I hope you watched the Train match :) You still think they would win with ScreaM? vs G2
I know I am. Cause we don't have a decent team :D vs G2
I have nothing against ScreaM and I agree that he is individually better than fox. I just say that fox works much better with the rest of the current lineup than ScreaM would. So shut your whore mouth... vs G2
I agree. Though I am afraid that if they lose on Train, that is GG. VP will destroy them on Mirage. So in any case, Train will decide the winner :) vs G2
It is really great to watch them compete for the Mvp :) vs G2
Not really, fox works very well with the current lineup and he is a beast with awp on Cache. I don't see them beating VP with Scream. With fox it can happen. vs G2
jkaem >>>>> ScreaM Scream leaving was the best thing that could happen to G2. And I am dead serious.
Envy vs fnatic
Thorin is just disrespectful pretentious prick who thinks he is funny. I honestly hate that he is at analyst desk at major. And I'd like to believe that I am not alone.
mousesports vs G2
Honestly, they are better of with jkaem than with ScreaM.