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Best beer from your country
My first gun was at 8 years old lol
NRG vs eUnited
He's about the best or second best awp in North America right now, I'd put him at the player highlight as well.
Your top 3 movies
1. The First Time 2. Whiplash 3. The One Hundred Foot Journey
The most hated person in the world
Hillary clinton
If you were in a fight who would you call (Pro Cs player)
I Garauntee ptr I'd actually a ninja, no doubt in my mind. The best awp in noeth america has to be some sort of ninja...
Famous person from your city
Johnny Depp
Worst Pro player world
Uber is actually really good lmao...
Top 20 Players 2016
I see him as a better player than some of the players listed in the top 10 of this list.
Top 20 Players 2016
I'm going to get some hate for this, but what about elige? Probably one of if not the best player on liquid? Imo he is definitely top 10.
CLGs new 2 players?
Maybe just9n? He was doing really well with nrg before he was cut.
I know off the top of my head Revelations 7:1 which talks about "four angels standing at the four corners of the Earth" but that is talking about the cardinal directions like on a compass (the bible a...
What you are talking about being "false" in the bible is what I assume to be the laws in Leviticus, correct? Well, assuming that is what you are talking about, you have to keep in mind the time period...
s1mple and Liquid
No one understand man, just stop replying to them. Everyone just wants to hop on the "NA CARRIED BY EU" bandwagon and say s1mple carried them every game, seems to me like no one actually watched the m...
High Sens
I play 1100 dpi and 3.1 in game sens. Used to play 1100 and 5 in game, that was a little to high for me so I lowered a bit.
LEM on mm