fan of the yoloest, most charismatic and best groomed scene since 2014 (before nbk and kenny got those horrible tatoos)

absolutely b(i)ased driver of the zywoo bandwagon since before he had an hltv profile. Real nibbas know he was already top 5 in 2017.

fnatic didnt deserve cologne 2015

99% of hltv = BabyRage users with opinions borrowed from circlejerk and 0 critical thinking

not even the first round of an online open qualifier should be bo1

list of the most common retarded (often subconsciously held) beliefs from the hltv circlejerk
- consistency is a good thing in itself
(Not understanding that an inconsistent 1.1 average rating player is better than a consistent 0.9)
- yEaR 201X wAs mOrE CoMpEtItIvE tHaN 201(X+n)
(not understanding that "primes" almost never mean the player/team got worse but just that others caught up through lineup changes or coming of age. Very interesting idea that professional players training 10h a day can get worse beyond slight form volatility)
- rating against lower tiers does not correlate at all with rating against tier 1
(the infamous hE HaSnT pRoVEn AnYtHiNg. Not understanding that even device could never pull a 3.40 average k/d over a whole subtop lan in the french countryside)
- overrated implies bad

Also fuck international teams ofc

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