If you think zywoo baits:

list of fallacious received opinions from the hltv forum circlejerk
1. consistency is a good thing in itself
(A lot of hltv users use "consistency" as a proxy for "proportion of non-shit maps", instead of what "consistency" really means: variability in performance. But even with both definitions, an inconsistent 1.1 rating player is, on average, better than a consistent 1.0 rating player, even if he's less consistent)

2. yEaR X wAs mOrE CoMpEtItIvE tHaN X+n
("Primes" almost never mean the player/team got worse but just that others caught up through lineup changes or coming of age. This is only false in sports that are declining in popularity AND old enough for some players' ABSOLUTE level to decline, not their RELATIVE level to the scene.)

3. having better teammates brings down your rating because you have to share kills
(i will create a post soon to show why imo this is empirically disproved)

4. playing more maps automatically means your rating will go down, even if you have already played way more maps than a statistically significant sample
(anyone with a basic understanding of stats sees why this is wrong, no comment here)

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