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Tottenham fans
copenhagen from sweden confirmed HLTV. 4HEAD
DaZeD drama
+1 for my swedish fella. didnt surprise me. rules wasnt written back then exactly! Deserve fucking second chance stupid volvo
DaZeD drama
learn something about life then type. fucking gay 10years old twat hating on other humans who leterally didnt knew about rules which wasnt fucking even written.
Free IBP.
deserves a second chance. All humans does. respect each other pls
DaZeD :"(
check what happened to players who threw in starcraft 2. That's what should happen to iBP players
DaZeD :"(
fucking tea maker go back to tea store and make me some. UK scene is crap anyways. IBP was the hope of NA who beat Titan back in days at LAN final. we can have more competetive scene if they get secon...
VAC authentication error
just kidding with u. I like to b8 people. for real tho: love u kebab <3
VAC authentication error
u cant brother. cause its something causes from VALVE side. it comes at random time u never know :D much love to chinies brothers from EU <3
VAC authentication error
Chinies* he is from al qaida inte bry deg swedish fam <3
VAC authentication error
Real solution: Go to steam > library > right click CSGO > properties > Verify game files. PROBLEM SOLVED. Thank me later.
k1o nV logo
Even tho he is playing for FaZe doesnt mean he has to use their logo until he is not SOLD by Envyus. Therefor he has to use Envyus logo due to being under contract.
k1o nV logo
real reason: he is still under contract with Envyus and therefor he has/MUST use the logo due to contract rules. Envyus hasnt sold him yet. its fact and not troll. Thank me later.
rip skins today
he prob lost all his winnings today which he won from Tylo bet. Now he is salty. 4HEAD
Liquid vs NRG
ez NRG. ty liquid fangays
Get-Right Respect !!!
he still has passion for this game for being 1.6 legend. its fucking insane. gotta love him! sorry for my bad language but i had to use it. :D