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QBF stickers?
lol..they have day offs. dont act like they are slaves ffs. have you every worked??? in every job its the fking CANT just take days off.
QBF stickers?
they still are under contract.,,you cant just do what you want lol
QBF stickers?
why?? ez money
what did stewie say? (blocked by him) "In this tweet stewie is referencing some videos that if you havent seen them your missing out." what videos? I hope navi wins tomorrow
Germany lul
"The drama peaked midmorning when the bear was discovered — and shot dead." wow wtf..poor bear...assholes could have tranquilized and recaptured it...not fking kill it
Wich team logo your favourite ?
I love the Ibuypower sad they don't have a team looked so fking cool... The G2 logo looks dope too. whoever came up ...
NiP throwing
how much??
hahhahahahahaha cis minor is a joke
how much??
LeBron James laugh thread
how much have you lost?
My beautiful dog
"her"? pls learn to read. "Chinese restaurant"? damn you funny.. shinta isn't a chinese name btw...educate yourself ty
My beautiful dog
rip doggy my dog died 2 years ago. (was 15 years old) still think about him and I will get a tattoo of him soon. <3
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
gjj Liquid <3
Show your CTRL + V
That's why Skadoodle is sad
love it..he always has an excuse to play like a bot. he has to grow up it's been 5 months.