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Arent short girls unattractive?
virgin thread...these women wouldn't even look at your ugly ass face...keep on dreaming
GuardiaN is married
mad because he isn't a fking sad little virgin like you? you will never get
are you dumb??
hahaha nice argument little kid
they are already qualified lol so why the fk should they care?
Cloud9 vs Liquid
where have you been the last months? lol c9 is dogshit
Cloud9 vs Liquid
...really...couldn't you just win 8 rounds in a row...jez
EG "NA" team?
damn EU noobs really need every straw they can get to cling on...LOL
you clearly are brain damaged. top3 is good. You seem pretty mad. Did you lose your money?=
Keto diet
holy fk you are clearly dumb as aren't a "man" are a 12yo shit. "Rather diet like a women? " HOLY fk. go kys...srsly every fking top athlete does a diet of some sort And who the fk ...
Keto diet
??? wtf? it is natural you moron..
Keto diet
you are dumb...maybe INFORm yourself on what keto is ffs. don't believe every bs people on the internet say. KETO is NOT eating greasy's about eating HEALTHY fats (nuts,avocado etc). Ppl...
Texting girl
and just FYI : texting with someone < talking IRL with someone. Better always ask if you want to do something together. Ask what she likes..find out what she is interested in. etc
Texting girl
maybe ask her out?? go to the cinema? watch a movie together. text her and ask her if there is a move she likes to watch /or what kind of movies she likes. Then ask her if she wants to watch a movie ...
The male gender is better in all aspects of life (except for the birth of children)
virgin thread