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Swedes pls explain
well i would consider someone who thinks the murder on palme was actually fair a fascist. he did nothing but support peoples right to live.
Loop haters, why ?
omg, can you truly be this retarded or are you trolling the burger?? hes blown up on reddit, got a contract from envyus to represent their org, thousands of viewers on twitch all in like a day, THATS ...
Swedes pls explain
good to know, you support human rights activists to be murdered. and everything the opposition does well is always luck and timing, always an excuse right :D totally not a fascist.
Swedes pls explain
lol olof palme was on point, always said what he wants to happen and what he thinks not dancing around questions like all other politicians.. and because he stood up for peoples rights he got shot, ye...
Swedes pls explain
löfven is inexperienced and not what the party needs. dunno if you know much about the old S leaders but olof palme etc was so much better anyways if im paying tax i want it to go to an unbiased no...
Swedes pls explain
their tax proposals have gone out of hand i admit, the solution to all problems isnt higher income taxes. but i still believe they do more good then the right, that seem to have no problem with compan...
Wrist or arm aimer?
proving my point, even your education has gone to shit. also, if you werent uneducated you would understand that im not really from a country where no one has computers or internet.
Swedes pls explain
yes you are correct, it grew into an even bigger problem as the years went on with the reinfeld immigration politics living on until 2015 when socialdemokraterna closed the borders and enforced strict...
Wrist or arm aimer?
france is only technically a 1st world country, it has gone to shit and can be compared to other 3rd world shitholes. enjoy it lul
Swedes pls explain
rofl SD broke out in the 2010 election BECAUSE immigration was already a problem during alliansens goverment. why do you try to lie and argue against facts lol
Swedes pls explain
? the current goverment is left, and theyre the ones who closed the borders that the right kept open. explain urself :o
Lo0p is insane!
??? its not like that would be hard, whats the point with your comment
5500$ setup RATE OR HATE!!
lol yea its pretty dumb. 5500 euro could be turned into more money or something useful instead of this kids playing corner
rofl you did attack him, why do you even try to defend your obviously toxic reply? every retard on hltv can see that youre just as socially skilled as the rest of these kids on here. and since when...
Your setup=)
??? lem at 700 hours is not skill at all. b8ing or? xD