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fortnite players come here
Also idk if u knew this but u can lower 3d resolution fo increase fps in settings. Maybe try 100% to 90%.
fortnite players come here
Yeah mate sry it’s either better gpu or nothing. Maybe try overclocking gpu for a few more fps. I think if you can’t upgrade then you will have to get used to it. When I was younger and had a shitty...
FaZe vs sorry for the confusion, their org was luminosity back then not sk but it's basically the same roster and around th...
FaZe vs
Tyloo beat sk in a bo3 too a long time back even bigger upset xd
NRG vs SK this is gonna happen again with the same ping issues but maybe they won't get blown out this time : P
+de_subzero -?
remove another popular map like mirage so people can spread out their map pool
compLexity vs OpTic
How I see it is he had his prime in C9, but instead of being on a T1 team, he had the opportunity to mold the team into a T1 team just like how Cloud9 over time picked up players that helped mold them...
compLexity vs OpTic
shahzam is a reject too what is this new talent lmao. He's played on a bunch of different NA teams, but no good team will actually take him as well as having 0 recognition for his performances. Who k...
Fortnite deagle
agreed in that fortnite most people are out running and gunning due to the build feature that is unique to the game. There's no point to camp in buildings because of this and you get more play time an...
Space Soldiers vs Windigo
>4 different teammates + xantares
I guess ur age
GN2 about 2k a month 900
is that the only reason? I think there is a better argument than that on why a game is better than another game tbh. It's like saying China is the best place to live because it has the most people liv...
Meh popularity != a game is better. Because if that were true, then a game like hearthstone would be better than csgo by that logic. I assume that you think league is better than every other game beca...
am I gay?
nothing wrong with looking at asses. It's the same as looking at guy's muscles and comparing biceps, triceps, thighs, etc with your own. If you don't act on it by sexual harassment or w/e then ur fine