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am I gay?
nothing wrong with looking at asses. It's the same as looking at guy's muscles and comparing biceps, triceps, thighs, etc with your own. If you don't act on it by sexual harassment or w/e then ur fine
subtLe vs SK
checking h2h, french canadians have beaten ocean's team every matchup and they're strong right now in wesg so far
subtLe vs SK
lol why give french canadians yesterday -8.5 but today -7.5 for subtle
Maybe because he wasn’t part of the original roster and that he got picked up from Rise? Also, I didn’t know you can’t be asian and canadian just like being an asian american. You learn something ever...
SIN vs Grayhound
how much ?
zews best coach ever
he's playing alright. He got blown out on ct side when he was playing B which is how avangar got 9 rounds t side when they pushed B
FaZe vs Vega Squadron
valve gimp the m4 so hard to not make it a 1 shot hs and more $$$ but at least make it a 4 shot jesus
FaZe vs Vega Squadron
5 shot in m4 btw 94 in 4, how many times does that happen to you
B.O.O.T-d[S] vs MVP PK
Same with mvp
GX vs Rogue
The problem with old c9 with hiko was that had conflicts with n0thing or shroud which was why he quit but now that a few years have passed, he might change his attitude now.
Need a Binance account?
Read the post again
Need a Binance account? and I'm making decent money on another site's crypto, which is their shares and they give out a fraction of their daily trading volume fees for all c...
Need a Binance account?
I do crypto trading for money but I'm only 18 so I either work as a wagecuck right now or make more money getting on crypto gains. Trust me, there are people making more money in 1 week in cryptotradi...
crypto passive income(KCS)
#2 crypto in the world right now, but you don't want to invest into high market cap coins. It's like if you invested into google right now, but you'd make barely any gains. I personally bought this co...
crypto passive income(KCS)
Nah, not a pajeet, but I'm interested in making money like most people are, but I'm giving a way for them to get in early because everyone knows the earlier you are in the crypto world, the more you m...