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protein powder?
i recommend taking whey protein, made out of whey from cow milk which is fine for me. have been taking it for 2 years and my kidney, liver and stomach are all ok.
Iphone X vs Galaxy s9
the latest updates on ios have made the x really much better than it was in the beginning. So much faster and better battery life. it just comes to your preference, whether you like ios or android
Iphone X vs Galaxy s9
i have the x and if you have the money, i`d say it is a good decision to buy it. i`m not really a fan of the android ecosystem
Iphone or Samsung
500euro for ios its worth it xd
Iphone or Samsung
everything that costs on the appstore can be downloaded for free if you do a little bit of research on youtube
Iphone or Samsung
iphone handles everything perfectly, switched from a galaxy s7 to iphone 7, the best decision i could`ve taken. also, if you search up a bit on youtube, you can get lots of apps and things for free as...
Overrated Pros
u forgot device
also can confrim, veri gud frand with mister ulof masteir
NiP new lineup
f0rest gtr lekr0 draken freddieb you know nothing from me ;)
PENTA vs Enigma6
may the force be with penta
Emilia destroyed Astralis
video or it didn`t happen
GTX 970 4GB + i7-6700K or GTX 1060 6GB + i7-7700?
wtf i play 4:3 1024x768 with low settings, i5 4460 and gtx 970 and get 300 to 350 fps on any map, ddr3 ram also
lekro is not even half good as friberg and pyth is decent, they need a psychologist, like astralis did, to revive their need to win, that`s all.
r8 my mom
i`d bang her 9/11.
Going party
no problem, have fun