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Worst 2-10 ever?
2019 will tell us if 2018 was bad or good
forZe vs Windigo
props to windigo for playing this game seriously, even though they had a tough lose today on BGW lan.
Astralis vs Liquid
maybe others can get better? stop crying son:)
Astralis vs Liquid
40% means they won some as well, even though astralis is 26-0, this has to end some day, maybe today is the day.
Astralis vs Liquid
Also taco jumping from arch to boiler with knife out, when he had 0 teammates to cover that, and that forced immediately to save, what are those silver plays?
Renegades vs G2
kenny is bad, when ppl will finally see? stop being blind.
Renegades vs G2
nop my friend, kenny was and will be.
Renegades vs G2
i know most of the guys watching those games are blind or don't want to admit, but honest opinion, kennys is the biggest problem in g2, last 3 months or more he was dogshit.
Sharks vs Natus Vincere
they are playing at a level than even in your sweet dreams you will not achieve. stop hating others , its their decision, not yours.
Ghost vs NRG
Round over - Winner: T (5 - 7) - Enemy eliminated koosta killed nahtE with ak47 (headshot) koosta killed daps with ak47 koosta killed CeRq with ak47 (headshot) koosta killed FugLy with ak47 (heads...
KUURA vs Nexus
Nexus 2-0, next, ty.
Liquid vs G2
idk why you praise kenny so much, he's shit for at least 3-4 months.
Liquid vs G2
taco rushing A at 6-1, while boddy is on top of the hut, and he doesn't even hear or look that way. That would've been 7-1 , and a whole different game, ty for that.
Knock Out vs Locastic
2-0 knockout, ty gg
Astralis would never do something like that!
best igl that touched this game, 3rd major incoming.