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is 180cm small?
im 168cm i dont have any problems with girls it depends on the person not their height bro, if a girl dont like ur height u gotta make her like u for something else or just dont bother with her if she...
If he is happy with the job I think it's cool. Depending on who he works for even a delivery guy job could have ok pay. But compared to poland he will definitely earn more anyways so I think it's ok f...
PC experts. help!
You mean GPU not VGA man. But you should have no problems playing FIFA 19/20 on highest settings and getting over 200fps in CSGO with it. And your CPU being Intel and GPU being AMD is not a problem ei...
Fucking -2ºC
sounds pretty hot
i miss her
its ok bro it will get better stay strong
Mouse: Logitech G403 Keyboard: Glorious GMMK box navy switches Main monitor: Benq xl2411 Headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Microphone: Samson Meteor
Kiddos don't fap
+1 waste of time
Rate my beat x6
good beat
Are you fakeflagging?
This is FAR from the most right leaning platform lmao. I actually consider HLTV to be one of the more left leaning platforms of it's kind. Just because someone is baiting or trolling doesn't mean they...
nvidia problem
Had the same shit happen to me, didn't really find a fix, just uninstalled
ur english lvl?
Why do people want every good player to go to FaZe lol, give them some time, and Vitality doesn't seem like a bad team
electronic father LUL :D
lol why are people finding this weird, expected from hltv virgins
[18+] Rate Korean Girl
i have yellow fever so id bang 8/10
Album of the year?
As much as I love Peep I don't think this album was better than his old EP's/mixtapes or deserves album of the year. I'd take Lil Peep Part One, Hellboy or to be honest most of his older stuff over th...