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I'm SO damn happy I don't need to rely on this G2 to get on the next stage with my pick'em anymore...
NIP Aug noobs
Literally every team uses AUG right now, so I don't really know what's your problem.
Don't expect these HLTV idiot trolls to know major details like that. :D Literally the only birth they have experienced is their own.
G2 vs fnatic
Win the pistol, lose against a force buy and get completely wrecked afterwards. Almost like I have seen this story before.
NiP vs Vega Squadron
Even tho NiP is playing pepega CS time to time, damn it feel good to see f0rest playing well. E: aand then he just whiffed and hard... :(
NiP vs Vega Squadron
3v5 and no-one is keeping an eye on short :) NiP just keeps losing stupid rounds...
"nerf aug"
AUG is definitely way good for its price now. Either make it slightly more expensive again, or slightly lower the zoom distance.
Jame is pretty good.
Its 2019 and they still cannot take a joke.
fnatic vs ViCi
Oh of course when I put Vici to go 0-3, fnatic fails miserably against them :))))
BIG vs HellRaisers
Just imagine if XANTARES went to Hellraisers instead to replace deadfox. Now that's a potentially dangerous team.
Sweden Norway Finland
This whole thread is just... silly.
Vitality vs North
Poor Valde.
I don't really have a favorite team at the moment, but I love when teams who have been struggling in the past are playing well (Like Buffalo, NY Islanders and Calgary)
RIP Stan Lee
Hero of my childhood is gone... Rest in peace sir :(