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Lviv is polish?
why do we even care about ukraine, it is not a real country, just like kosovo. this country did not exist before 1991, just some salty russians wanted to make their own goverment on that territory so ...
Hottest girl um tour country
good shit dude, was about to start mm and this turned up my heartrate so i dont even need to warmup +1
Hottest girl um tour country
lol how fast is ur internet, i had like 0.3 secs to do that
PC requirements for 300fps
ye and this processor is built for oc, so 4,5ghz isn't too harsh for it so Im happy with extra fps
PC requirements for 300fps
by oc'ing I gained around 30-40 fps
PC requirements for 300fps
I got i3-8350k oc'ed to 4,5ghz gtx1050 2x4gb 3100mhz ram and while playing on 1280x960 all low except aa x4, fps are capped at 300 and fairly stable, drop to 250 on maps like inferno or when there are...
but players from those regions play together, so that it makes sense to list them this way
Europe Country Tiers
the only reason for Germany to be a bad country are kebabs like you living there
my stats good?
nt faveland
my stats good?
good players know they are good themselves and don't seek attention on hltv forum so I guess you are gold nova at best
my stats good?
bullshit faceit prof link pls
pasha rekt apex
Shame that travelling to muslim countries is so dangerous right now. I'd like to visit Paris one day..
So... next major?
To be fair, their scene deserves one. One of the bigger fanbases in cs go with many pros playing at high level, they definitely should get one. Major in Paris would be cool imo
What dignitas think of NA
uk scene best. dominated whole cs go scene in 2015 lmao
What dignitas think of NA
moreover, you are american, and you did not win eleague, guys from optic did edit// ooops it turns out i cant read, rip