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AGO vs eXtatus
nice budget extatus gg ez4Dominik "stodolní" Janita ez4Dominik "chodimvnocidolesa" Černý ez4Jan"el hoňo" Urválek ez4Martin "1v2 14-13mčr" Pechoušek ez4Lukáš "simple0uniza luko1uniza" Hrabčík
Feel bad 4 NiKo
since faze have guardian, olof and rain which i would say are old era players, then MSL calling would be fine for them. Also as u said, msl+gua ct side would be awesome.. Maybe change players in team,...
Feel bad 4 NiKo
try to get Golden after he recovers( hopefully he will). get karrigan back with new lineup, karrigan wasnt problem in old lineup imo. maybe MSL, could work too?
Exalty vs Izako Boars
nah we were praccing against them, won 14-1 half and afterwards they started to cry that we are using cheats and recorded one weird 2k from our player from GOTV and started to send that to other playe...
Exalty vs Izako Boars
hahahhahaha exalty XDXDXDXDDXDXD little girls who are crying about losing on pracc HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA get better(:
almost won train, close map:( unluko maluko
Universe vs Brute
Universe vs Brute
ez 4k euro
Universe vs Brute
leckr mvp confirmed
Nordavind vs Gravity
ez4null1s ez4policAJTT
Bpro vs L'arrosoir
youyou had 22-4 match before, we lost vs them in 3rd round of qual. they just raped us, everyone was one tapping and we couldn't do anything haha :D
Bpro vs L'arrosoir
Bpro vs L'arrosoir
youyou raped my ass yesterday, ez4L'arrosoir
HLTV Ranking: 18th
eSuba vs Majestic Lions
easy for besterest rak xgod desty