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easiest bribe from Chinese betting mafia
Short girls
No one wants their kids to be manlets and femlets. Short girls = genetic trash.
vacation in Kyiv ?
I was there like 8 years ago at IEM Kyiv rooting for Curse boys in League of Legends tournament. Winter was really harsh so I didn't explored city much. I don't remember restaraunt names but each one ...
-26 °c in my city rn
A week ago it was freezing cold 14F (-10C) and snowing. Few people died. Today it's warm af at 44F (+7C), snow completely melted. So yeah, climate is fucked up.
unless those models have hitbox advantage I see no issue
Immigrants TRUTH
Indians are not islamists and terrorists tho. I had Indian roommate few years ago and while he was weird (vegan singing some religious shit while cooking) but totally chill and friendly.
Freak hot af
he is manlet
my iq is too low
then why do you use term "retard" in a offensive context?
my iq is too low
only BR would make fun of actually retarded (down syndrome) people.
I live near university and there are at least 6 (!!!) different law enforsement agencies patroling area 24/7: Illinois State Police Chicago District Police Cook County Sheriffs Police Northeastern Il...
Fortnite 2 > CS:GO
Riot's FPS > Fortnite 2 > Overwatch >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CS:GO
Portugal come here
Jokes on you, I never attended school (aside from church school and self-ed). I had to work at my mom's restaurant since early age because libtards in government raised min wage above what my mom was ...
Portugal come here
Portugal might be one of the worst European countries but it's still EU so salaries and social benefits are pretty good comparing to BR.
Frankie > Tarik
that's more humiliating than Juliano > Cadian
California Universities
You won't eat in "luxury restaraunts" or "partying". Instead you'll consume libtard, feminist and socialist propaganda daily while eating fast-food noodles and working part-time at Postmates.