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Na'Vi not banning Cache
Thing is, all NaVi players CAN play Cache. All of them play it on FPL constantly. Maybe they don't practice it much as team but it doesn't mean they have 0% chances there.
Jennifer Lawrence EXPOSED
what a legend and alpha as fuck
Jennifer Lawrence EXPOSED
>She says they met again during the festival, and claims he forced her hand onto his erect penis after a screening. nice
Navi Vs Astralis? A joke final
>Cloud9 should of made it to the finals over Navi No they shouldn't since they lost to NaVi
Why is Navi in final?
NaVi won C9 that's why
feelsbad for ogc
it was mistake to invite shroud to the team
Dead orgs?
iPhone or Android
Jailbroken iPhone > Rooted Android > iPhone > Android
Best City Builder game
If you want a SANDBOX then Cities Skylines. If you want a GAME then SimCity. It has better gameplay flow, a lot of problems to deal with and progression unlike Skylines.
D0cC pgl
admin will find excel.exe and his career is over
Ivanka 2020
Astralis Millionaires ?
Astralis players don't own the org. Their share is very low, less than 2% per player.
Fortnite is more important than family
honest BFV topic
BF5 is much better than BF1. Not just because weapons and machinery are more fun and advanced (WW1 has very limited tech) but also better game modes and maps. Idk why it's so low rated. I enjoy it a l...
Pros shit-talk ScreaM
Because Scream is Belgian and Frenches are salty that he is better than most of them. Also Belgium is stable country with good economics while France is self-destructing and degenerate every day.