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Cocky players list
u got baited by jw
Cocky players list
jw is not cocky. he is master baiter and le epic troll.
Juliano is
result of nazi secret experiment of transforming pug into human
zAaz, juliano, mimi, L.K.S, ant1ka, dosia
mimi obv zaaz is muslim juliano is literally pug in human form
Yo les noobs Il y a une difference entre un sniper qui joue pour ses teammates et des teammates qui jouent pour son sniper. Je colead, jorganise toutes nos classiques, nos prises de bp, stuffs etc etc...
Juliano <3
what is sheratO ?
Trailer Park Boys
Slavs = Slaves ?????????????
Slave - Middle English: shortening of Old French esclave, equivalent of medieval Latin sclava (feminine) ‘Slavonic (captive)’: the Slavonic (Slavic) peoples had been reduced to a servile state by conq...
North korea
Kim Jong-un use Steam in his residence: (look at single dot right in Pyongyang)
Current top 10
How many top10 teams WESG had? 3? lmao
1 in 7 Germans <32 are muslim
The only reason rapefuges choose Germany over US is that they can't cross ocean.
so there is 100% video evidence where people drop piles of bulletins into voteboxes yet you deny rigging. kk
1 in 7 Germans <32 are muslim
better keep voting for Merkel's party
Add Twitch emotes
Look at top header, it's <!DOCTYPE html> which means current HLTV use HTML5 (and every modern browser support it). Those emojis are part of UTF8 charset and HTML5 can render them as graphical icons. S...
Add Twitch emotes
Nope. It's just browsers got updated since old HLTV. Go to Google Docs, Evernote, Github or whatever - those emojis will work everywhere.