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ESC for Europeans? How about Israel and Azerbadjan then? Only shitty songs anyways :D
Europe All-Stars vs Americas All-Stars
Easy for NA. Lol at that Swedish team. Hhahahaa it's awful!
flusha 100% proof
Frodo, i feel for you. We just cant help ourself to answer these idiots who think it's 100% cheating. But here i am aswell, going to answer... I've played CS since 1999, on and off ofc but that is ...
USA-4 EU-0
USA? Half of the teams have Canadians on the teams. Chill silvers. You will wake up when you get rekt at the majors.
3 NA teams!
NA still bad af. The major will prove that when they just run over you.
Fxyo's statement regarding the life ban
Mad because your favourite players are banned? Cry yourself to sleep at night? Fucking child! There are alot of potential stars on the rise. Pushing cheaters out of the way for new talent is just goo...
Fxyo's statement regarding the life ban
Omg, the crying is unreal from you guys! The ban has been set, get over it! It's fair and we dont want cheaters and liars like you in the community ever again! Start another career and get lost! B...
why so few viewers?
Because people are getting sick of CS:GO to be honoest. Less players playing atm, CS:GO is dying.
polish crowd
Polish people just retarded. OK if you "boo" before and during the game but after, during the interview? Fucking retards. Even Taz was ashamed of you.
If Fnatic wins....
No way fnatic will win, doubt they will get a map against VP. fnatic is not playing good right now, you could see that against LG, terrible. Even if they beat VP, they will have 0% chance against Envy...
Rahim or Richard Lewis?
Richard ofc, Rahim is not a caster even. He is some annoying dude that only people under 14 thinks is funny.
olof no respect
fnatic <3
Haha crying EU
Group matches can be Bo1, i dont care really. But elimination games should never be Bo1. Never, ever! And i think that is what olof is saying. And EU should have had 6 spots and NA 2 tbh.
top 3 favourite teams
1. fnatic 2. fnatic 3. fnatic