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This tbh
Thorin or Rlewis?
Richard Lewis easily, his bants arent always as good as thorin's but he doesnt have thorin's huge ego and is much better at admitting that he was wrong.
s1mple aim locks? lul
Yes this is exactly what happened, hltv silvers have no brain, if he has aimlock it would lock to the closest player which was the guy on the ground he was aiming at at first.
Where is Sadokist?
Maybe cause ur polish so u don't understand the history and taboo behind the n word. But in American culture it's very bad. Like any comedian on tv can jokingly tell some keys, it's not a big deal. Bu...
C9 Stewie?
They won't, Stew clearly can't play tacos role
Where is Sadokist?
Because saying kill yourself is a basic universal insult while the n world is a race based one and could be called "hate speech". For instance saying kys on twitch is okay to an exent but you will get...
U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!
One of the most american things ive ever witnessed LUL
Where is Sadokist?
For you, for others not so much.
Steelega died for this?
-1, we got rekt by astralis with steel anyways in iem. Need more results to show whether or not it's an improvement.
esea codes
Wow, thanks it worked
Lmao u clearly didnt read my comment correctly, and we'll see just how good gambit are tomorrow. Theyre gonna get trashed.
Nah Liquid map pool is fine for gambit. Liquid ban nuke, gmaBOT pick train, liquid pick inferno and ez 2-0.
No shit, but still will be nice, found it in real poor taste all the brazilians calling taco BOT after he left SK, acting like he was the sole problem and it was now fixed. We'll see how good SK and s...
it's really early here in na, c9's game was 4am on the east coast and 1am west coast, liquid vs astralis will probably get most viewers cause of good time for both na and eu and 2 good teams playing.