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Ideal height for gf
u guys are freaking giants, my wife is 148cm lol
NASR vs Rush Middle East
Anyone familiar with UAE scene / Gaming420 gimme a pm
Isn't hk server most fair? Dk why these games are always on sg servers
i have worst hangover ever
beer is really bloating af though, but yeah it's the best drink to enjoy with friends
Most overrated players [NEW]
yeah i get u i personally don't think he's "overrated" because i don't rate him highly anymore to begin with and i didn't think people still do. When i watch some of the faze games everyone is talking...
Most overrated players [NEW]
Only way i can understand is he's shit compared to his godlike 2014-early 2016 level, and even after his injury he's still a solid player.. he just doesn't destroy teams solo anymore. Also nobody hype...
tyloo just need to have better strats and not make basic mistakes (like pushing stans awp 1 by 1 at arch). Hopefully they can get more experience and learn from their mistakes
Renegades vs TYLOO
They might for 15k extra, and to continue the tradition of beating renegades in the GF :D
jugi is nuts man, consistently hits his awp shots. Quite underrated imo
TYLOO vs Flash
Kaze says on twitter he got a wrist injury during the mid round on the inferno game vs immunity. If that's the case Tyloo shouldn't have any trouble. What a pity though
Why NAVI sux
lol @ all the nostalgia idiots. Guardian can still find form though
ViCi and VG.Renascence merge into one team
advent igls but he lacks as a fragger. Also tb and savage are like smithz and shox where they can't be seperated but one is clearly better
VP solution
I just want my favorite team to do well bro they haven't been performing well on LAN since vegas anyway but they always step it up at majors so we'll see.
VP solution
Can't go big tournaments if they keep getting smashed in the online qualifiers. They're just depending on invites now.. Hopefully they activate plow soon
Flash vs EHOME
kaze is amazing man!! He just needs to stop jumping around and switching weapons too often, he got caught off a few times