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the next time refrain from using offensive remarks when 'bantering'.

Additionally, your account is on the verge of ending up permanently locked due to its extensive ban history.
Please remember it in the future. Thank you in advance.

Jonathan E.
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Best pro haircut/style
Xantares Can Durtkardes
play me in chess
1050 on
This little morning routine will make sure you start your day on the right foot
you should also turn on cold shower and just sit in it for a minute.
play me in chess
gg and cya u guys tomorrow for more games
Why Gambit so smart?
but I dont count Spring / Fall Blast as majors. only the Global final.
Why Gambit so smart?
yep BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020/21 is a major too. but snow sweet snow is not because its shit tour shit hype shit org and bad teams
Why Gambit so smart?
so mad brazilians. why you always find something to cry abt?
Why Gambit so smart?
its a major
Why Gambit so smart?
iem katowice is major af boy. Bo5. All the best teams in the world. Katowice is the most iconic csgo tournament. The only reason why its not called "Major" is for legal issues and valve monopoly.
Why Gambit so smart?
Its literally happening today 1st time was with Zeus
Why Gambit so smart?
nobody cares what happens in 2 months. This is IEM Katowice Major. Gambit won major 2 times. s0mple crying
Why Gambit so smart?
Gambit most respectable CIS organisation (more than VP/NAVI) They are like CIS version of Astralis minus the dominance-over-time part
Why Gambit so smart?
its about the org.. Gambit is really good org. Zeus. groove. Good leaders. They are born to win majors
Hobbit will win a 3rd major after today some day... Something about this kid. And sh1ro so fucking good (finally people will understand my -sh1ropeek tag in csgo)