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weed in 2018?
i have no clue. I'm fakeflagging.
weed in 2018?
France come here
mid schoolers who tried to revolt, burnt cars, and got arrested. They managed to arrest 140+ students.
france come here?
stopped playing
Belgium please win
well i get it then. I went to Alsace last summer, and i felt like i was in north africa
Belgium please win
Marseille ? 93 ? 92 ?
prove your flag 2.0
I'm not a fake flagger but I enjoy chicken and sunsets and only real flaggers can translate with no grammatic errors Je n'ai pas de faux drapeau mais j'aime le poulet et les couchers de soleil et se...
Why Do you smoke?
Well, I can say i'm from a "rich" and educated family. this year i'm passing my master's degree, and i'm kind of successful. I smoke weed every day, and i also take other drugs (mdma, LSD) during part...
Why Do you smoke?
ahahah sure. Be sure to enjoy ur life buddy.
Where to visit France?
raves like free party ? Ofc there are a lot of raves ! Most of the time hardcore/frenchcore :D But you can also find some clubs with techno, trance, and others styles of rave music (i'm a french rave...
Where to visit France?
+1 for Bordeaux, best city
European country with more rich people?
switzerland and norway are not part of the EU
shox lmao
whut ? are you high ?
Top 5 Rappers
well that's a nice top. Was expecting some new shit
any smoking tips for beginner ?
+1, started vaping 2 days ago, already feeling mentally better. Now i know i wont waste a lot of money in cigarettes, and it will reduce the chances of getting a fuckin cancer. Don't start smoking gu...