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i just want Guardian and s1mple to be on the same team. Is that too much to ask for?

edit - apparently not :]
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Evacuated my house
when the forests are burning because its hot and dry and windy
FaZe fans
combination of former navi, fnatic, mouz, astralis, and kinguin / g2 fans. most fans are people who liked the team from the start but it wasnt their favourate, until a certain player joined. the playe...
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
Most kills in a mm game?
vac ban inc edit - maths says scoreboard is off by 31 or so kills - were there 4 bots by the end or something?
Américas > Europe
your knowledge of geography proves to be about as good as your knowledge of cs
Américas > Europe
"average awpers in the world (guardian, kennys, scream)" scream hahahaha gtfo of here dumbass
krimz back in fnatic
Goodbye SK
SK worst thing to happen to cs
fuck are you talking about? im guessing youre clueless? australia is its own continent, we are one of the best countries in terms of life expectancy, gdp per capita, murder rate and all the rest. ...
SK worst thing to happen to cs
you are a step forward, which is why you as a continent is the second worst in terms of economy, life expectancy, murder rate, etc. after africa?
i miss fnatic
wont work, olof doesnt want pronax's system - thats why they didnt get a proper igl in post-pronax fnatic and thats why flusha and jw left at the end to join pronax
S1mple best player in 2016 ?
so does winning majors matter or does it not? because if it does, then the players i listed have all won at least 1...
S1mple best player in 2016 ?
implying devilwalk, smithz, taco, friberg, xizt, fifflaren, etc are all better than s1mple?
S1mple best player in 2016 ?
yes. /table
Thoorin trying to discredit coldzera?