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did he get new role or somethin? he was literally a topfragger in all 3 games
5POWER vs Uniquestars
HLTV how hard can you possibly fuck up?
TyLoo vs 5POWER
wtf???? tyloo plays together for such a long time and I got 1.8 odds on that bet I would do it ALWAYS again because I would have won that bet 8 out of 10 times but this time I lost because of 1 round...
TyLoo vs 5POWER
ffs Highest bet since a year on under 26.5 and ofc I lose it in such a fashion... my luck is unreal
TyLoo vs 5POWER
of fucking course I am THAT unlucky
TyLoo vs 5POWER
Round over - Winner: T (2-2) - Enemy eliminated moxie killed xccurate with m4a1 xccurate killed kaze with p250 QKA killed DD with cz75a moxie killed Mo with m4a1 (headshot) kaze planted the bomb (3on3...
Monstars vs subtLe
Lets go summit! I really enjoy your counter strike streams I dont care about fortnite and it doesnt matter how good you are
Dignitas vs
this is the biggest matchfix I have ever whitnessed
Free Transfer vs aAa
R: 5 - inferno 0 : 4 1:30 aAa $ K A D ADR ZywOo 100 $2450 5 0 1 102.2 That is insanity losing 0-4 and being 5-0-1 with over 100 ADR WTF
SYF vs Rise and Grind
#8 #11 look at all those disconnects that happened on purpose! expected! told you all! EZ Live odds throw game
SYF vs Rise and Grind
you can live bet on do it as fast as you can so you get free money because SYF is throwing 100%!!!
SYF vs Rise and Grind
SYF is gonna throw this Match!!! watch out
Boys in Blue vs Vexed
There is like 0 way that Boys in Blue can LEGITIMATELLY lose this against vexed who lost 10 out of there last 11 games and only won against Pride who lost EVERYTHING is a scam
uff really sketchy shit.. I am betting on it as well but you are not the first guy I had from about that :(
VG.Flash vs 5POWER
Asian CS in a nutshell a player with a mac-10 just simply gets 3 Entries running and gunning against a gun round xdd