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fnatic vs LDLC
That fake comeback LMAO
G2 vs Natus Vincere
default ? :D
Valiance vs GODSENT
HLTV Please extend time!!! PLEASE! 13:45!
xd cs is diying and for real
yes diying ROFL
G2 vs fnatic
5v2 against 1 player with 6hp hahahahahahahahaha G2
Enyoy vs LDLC
Lost because / against:
Enyoy vs LDLC
How the actual fuck did Enyoy lose this fifth round? They had a whole execute against 2 players on A LDLC did not have ANY utility whatsoever and LDLC even stacked the wrong site and they had 3 CZ's ...
Enyoy vs LDLC
17 o clock??? Wuuut?
AGO vs Imperial
Moin Community
LDLC vs Nexus
Round over - Winner: CT (1-2) - Enemy eliminated Maniac killed BTN with cz75a BTN killed DEVIL with m4a1 (headshot) BTN killed ALEX with m4a1 (headshot) DEVIL killed XELLOW with deagle (headshot) XELL...
Kinguin vs Red Reserve
This english caster is pissing me off so hard I rarely say something like that but he repeats himself so freaking often and he talks so much bullshit its insane
NOREG vs x-kom
So funny how you could call the 100% matchfix after watching first 4 rounds
NOREG vs x-kom This is so funny :DDD Its so funny how you could see that NOREG is matchfixxing before the game xdddd
NOREG vs x-kom Lost to a average 500$ purchase per player xdddddddddddd
Windigo vs Imperial
9-0 to 11-14 ROFL