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daps forms new roster under Orgless banner
I'm surprised the article doesn't say how long it will be before Stanislaw replaces Daps on this team.
Jonji to stand-in for Party Astronauts as Infinite departs lineup
Thanks for coming back, Jonji!
IEM Katowice first match-ups revealed
Each group has 5 of the top 10, and group B also has 3 of the top 5. These groups are pretty close, except C9 & Renegades are much better than VP & Vici.
I guess how many partners you had
You'll never get it right.
EG beat fnatic to win StarSeries i-League Season 8
Nice job boys!
Evil Geniuses beat Astralis to win ESL One New York 2019
Amazing series by EG, well deserved!
first OS you used?
GeoWorks Ensemble
stanislaw: "A big part of our bootcamp was making sure we are prepared on every single map"
Shortly after NRG brought to and the series against AVANGAR, taking a 2-0 victory, we spoke with the team's in-game leader Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz. What?
Liquid scoop $1 million Intel Grand Slam Season 2 prize
Amazing job bois!
Liquid clinch playoff berth over Na`Vi; mousesports eliminate MVP PK in Cologne
Yeah newfag that has played CS since beta 1. Stop trying to be cool little kid. Apparently you forgot how many times they choked before becoming the best team in the history of CS:GO. Your blind love ...
Liquid clinch playoff berth over Na`Vi; mousesports eliminate MVP PK in Cologne
Have you forgotten the TSM/Question Mark era? Unlike dev1ce, lul.
Imagine if in overtime, they put the team's awper on one site of the map (chosen by the awp holder), and the other team sent 1 rifler at a time to try to plant the bomb in a 1v1. Could be similar to a...
Liquid beat fnatic to win IEM Sydney and break Big Event curse
Number 5 is alive.
Visa issues keep GuardiaN out of StarSeries Season 7 day one
stanislaw: "It is going to be up to n0thing to see where he wants to take this"
Sounds like n0thing is set in stone.