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C9 actually decent again?
So your saying Irukandji and being online are what made Ska good? Ok... Look at the MLG Qualifier too, it was all done by miracle performances from Shroud and Freak hitting his shots.
C9 actually decent again?
Tell me again how Skadoodle is as godly as last summer? How many picks did he get against G2 with the awp?
Fnatic will go out in groups at major
Ocean = 231(Pronax + Olof + JW + KennyS + Guardian)
Fnatic will go out in groups at major
Most NA fags think p1mple is the hope of NA but it's really jasonGod
Fnatic will go out in groups at major
jasonR will drop 80 bomb while all of bot fnatic go 0-0-16
C9 actually decent again?
Ska is at a relative peak lately, but look at his performance over C9's 3 month win period and compare it to now, Ska is half the player he was then. He just isn't hitting those insane clutch shots th...
DaZeD C9
You say there is some sort of betting ring as if they threw all the time xD. Also, you're saying if you and your m8 murder someone but you stab them 3 times more than your m8 you deserve a more harsh ...
Liquid vs Renegades
LG can only play well in major group stages, sorry.
*Links 2 videos from over 4 years ago and one of Fallen rekting other Braziltards* "FALLEN IS NUMERO UNO ALWAYS WIN NEVER LOOSE!!!" Link some actual proof please, don't be a normal braziltard, go to...
Fallen or Skadoodle?
Fallen just played well at the major. People say he's an awp god because of that lucky shot through smoke/connector door on cobble. To be truthful he's probably a top 10 [BOLD]MAYBE[/BOLD] even top 5 ...
Fallen or Skadoodle?
Did you even watch the EEPL Lan? Ska showed their that on form he can be heavily considered to atleast be tied with guardian. Kenny on the other hand can't really be compared because the two of them u...
That moment when u have school tommorow
When you reply to your own post.
Stunna said that they weren't participating in CEVO because their schedule is full of LANs and it's not really worth.
Complexity vs Liquid
He's been subbing for liquid since the start of Season 8
Hell ya dude, they are just chilling getting ready to truck clg again.