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Budapest Five vs Lyngby Vikings
What an epic throw lol
Gambit Youngsters vs NAVI Junior
Navi choke Nothing new from this trash team
CR4ZY vs Tikitakan
You care way too much peasant boy I made a comment because I happened to see the score line at half and towards the end I don’t give a fuck who wins in this shit tournament full of no talent trash t...
CR4ZY vs Tikitakan
I only bet map 1 as part of a 5 play parlay that hit scrublet +$900 this morning and I’ve been awake for 2 hours 😂😂😂 You are ass
CR4ZY vs Tikitakan
Why you so triggered 3rd worlder?
CR4ZY vs Tikitakan
Lol this shit is so scripted. Unbelievable
forZe vs Endpoint
How many 4v1 clutches can endpoint allow? Trash ass team
Endpoint vs ex-SMASH
Battle of who could throw harder
Endpoint vs forZe
lol just typical Home rigged shit. Pick +2.5 maps for all of LOOTBET / home games and you’ll be a rich man
Vitality vs Dignitas
Looks like such a throw in map 2
Clearly the 3rd world rejects in FATE had rent to pay. Bum ass org
Japaleno vs AVEZ
Jalapeno is the biggest joke in csgo. Should tell the Down syndrome twins to hang up the keyboard and stop trying these trash teams
NAVI Junior vs Winstrike
What in tarnation is up with these thrown rounds Round over - Winner: CT (7 - 7) - Target saved KAPACHO killed El1an with ak47 (headshot) Lack1 killed Aunkere with famas KAPACHO killed Hobbit with...
New England Whalers vs Polar Ace
Take polar +4.5 16-12
RBG vs Under 21
It doesn’t get worse than tr1ll Pretty sure she’s a silver