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LG to win next major
LG went full tilt mode this match XD
Sean Gares rage
No, cuz hes a fucking mastermind
Obey.Alliance vs Tempo Storm
This is an international site, please write your comment in English. Comments in another language will be deleted. Thats why brazilians are called monkeys
Obey.Alliance vs Tempo Storm
hen1 to drop 50 bombs.
Obey.Alliance vs Tempo Storm
Go suck his dick now
It must sucks a lot for s1mple to almost live alone :/
-taco +HEN1
Yeah but that 2 star awpers are also good rifles, this dont happen with LG (hen1 is bad and fallen is decent).
-taco +HEN1
If you take a look at others entry fraggers from other teams, TACO isnt doing that good work, hes just decent. They could be better with felps I think but felps is very unexperienced atm.
-taco +HEN1
fnx is just indispensable in this team. best LG lineup could be: indispensable ones: fallen cold fnx Then add: fer (2nd entry) felps/boltz (I prefer felps, boltz is too passive) H...
-taco +HEN1
Fallen's rifle isnt better than TACO's. Also the team is working fine this way, why change? The only change I can see is -taco +felps in 6 months.
Actually they live in a house in the same street, who lives with dead (LG's manager) are Tempo Storm players. There are 2 houses. But i wouldnt find hard that Liquid players get more sallary than LG ...
I think they are living there to stay together with everyone (dead, camila, TS's players).
Oh my bad, thought you were comparing simple and br players in USA.
Top 10 teams/players world right now
wheres cold my friend