how many miles in a foot?
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People complaining about the update
source on this was my experience with trying to get people to play csgo, and now that it's fully f2p a lot more of my friends are on board with giving it a shot.
People complaining about the update
we all know the free offline wasn't representative of the real experience and people who didn't have the game knew it as well. The appeal of csgo is its competitive multiplayer not its offline with bo...
People complaining about the update
opportunity cost (i think? I'm not an econ person) People who were maybe thinking about playing csgo before had to weight their desire to play with them not wanting to pay. That is, there is an opport...
People complaining about the update
that's not how economics works
Kinguin vs
ultimate revenge for Taz
Astralis vs ViCi
ez 4 qeeyou
Top 20 by PEAK
oldie but goldie *edit* that's not the expression fuck it's old but gold
lol i dont know how or why you're so invested that you're spamming the forum with your conspiracy theories
TYLOO vs Flash
95 to 5 odds?
is 'chingchong' racist?
hltv is a company, they have every right to do what they think is appropriate. If they don't want certain things in the comments sections then we have to abide by that because in the end it's their we...
NRG 2 - 1 MVP NRG 2 - 1 MiBR MVP = MiBR?
the worst pro playet
probably s1mple he's never won anything
fnatic vs
vp are back
BEST city you've ever been to
BEST city you've ever been to