how many miles in a foot?
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Natus Vincere vs TyLoo
tyloo had a heavy ping disadvantage because the server was in singapore :)
MFC vs Signature
lol if MFC had taken 2 more rounds over signature they would've qualified for playoffs
HL “LUL” TV ranking
They probably don't dish out points like "first place you get this, second place you get that" and that wouldn't be fair anyways. The manner in which a team gets their placing should matter as well, a...
HL “LUL” TV ranking
faze got bodied at marseille, astralis dominated meanwhile in sydney, faze really struggled against greyhound, lost to renegades, dropped a map to Tyloo, won the final by a margin of 2 rounds in each...
Renegades vs mousesports
TyLoo vs SK
upset incoming. Malmo part 2.
Quantum Bellator Fire vs VG.Flash
VG.Flash vs Fierce Tiger
g2 vs envyus, perhaps the superteam will be neither of them just like with the french split
Flash vs 5POWER
y'all just wanna laugh at the expense of other people so you can feel some sense of superiority, when in reality, stewie is better than probably all of you guys ever will be.
damn guys chill wtf... it's their first match speaking english, first match without taco who was an integral part of the team structure, also stewie and c9 guys are cool with each other so I don't und...
yes we get it indonesia flag looks like poland flag
Shox's changes
I think shox had the right idea adding Ex6TenZ, but not smithzz, i just don't see what smithzz would be able to bring that another player wouldn't, in terms of firepower or support. The main problem w...
Black Panther
i think that was his point, not that i agree with it. hes shitting on people who like the movie because it's a major production without a white cast
and Elige replied to Fallen's tweet saying that similar things were happening during liquid's game so it's not just brazillians