how many miles in a foot?
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Black Panther
i think that was his point, not that i agree with it. hes shitting on people who like the movie because it's a major production without a white cast
and Elige replied to Fallen's tweet saying that similar things were happening during liquid's game so it's not just brazillians
lol y'all didn't do research the pc alt-tabbed because of a command prompt launching/opening, he didn't somehow accidentally hit alt + tab and try to blame it on the organizers.
Aim4R hasteka vs MVP PK
why argency and no hsk
Heroic vs EnVyUs
62 days boys vs Cloud9
hmmm it took beating vp in an elim match for c9 to turn up at the major will it happen again?
FaZe vs TyLoo
Tyloo 16-2
CSGO Era history
NiP Era --> Jurassic Era (VP, Fnatic, NiP, LDLC, TSM) --> Fnatic Era --> SK Era --> ? (Faze or NA era depending on next several tournaments)
to be fair I was sitting on the opposite side of the SK fans but I still didn't hear anything. There's just so much going on in the arena, everything echoes, the casters echo, that I don't see any con...
U S A is an established chant that people know, it's no different from "Oleeee ole ole oleeee." Doesn't mean the whole crowd is nationalistic, it just means the crowd was hyped and wanted to cheer for...
Even if you could see/hear callouts on stream, I was in the crowd and I didn't hear or see any callouts. Being in the arena itself is very different than the stream, and if I couldn't notice any callo...
I mean of course when Cloud 9 is against a foreign team the crowd is going to cheer more for Cloud 9 and less for a non-NA team, but I think the crowd still did a great job when it was 2 non-American ...
You must respect VP
What happened to Virtus Pro is tragic and should be respected, they are all such great people and they deserve to come back to form. Sad that there are people who forgot the presence VP had in the sce...
FaZe vs TyLoo
FaZe vs TyLoo