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RMR balance
Problem with mashing oceania and africa together is that there would be no chance for them to compete against eachother. Australia and NZ still have their borders pretty hard shut, and it takes a lot ...
fnatic vs EXTREMUM
I agree, id go skip out of those 2 options though because extremum could absolutely bring absolute trash to the server
This is silly, not surprised extremum running away with this, but the way its happening is totally insane. I dont think extremum has got a single first kill, but somehow pulling every round back
Which Vaccine did you get?
I completely understand not trusting the vaccine, but the reason you gave sounds very selfish. Sure you might be okay when you contract it, but what about loved ones and strangers you might pass by on...
He is also posting numbers in most of his games recently. He is not expected to top frag, most IGL's aren't. As long as they dont straight anchor then its acceptable
NA 3 legend spots
Never said it wasnt, but difficulty does not make it a good sport man
NA 3 legend spots
The problem is how long ago the last major was, and how much has changed. One of the reasons they have 3 spots is due to 100t making the semis, now that core is struggling to beat t3 cis teams. But th...
NA 3 legend spots
Yeah the dodgers reference is gonna go over most peoples heads here. A lot of these kids dont watch any sports, let alone shitty american luckswing.
NA 3 legend spots
Nope, NA org, they just grab aussie teams apparently.
Been in america**
OGs in top20
He hasnt been "old kenny" since the awp nerf circa 2015. I have visions of him playing for titan on nuke, amd while he has still been amazing post nerf, he has just never been the monster he was again...
OGs in top20
Yeah the game was less competitive and he didnt achieve much, sure, but you have to remember the skill gap between NA and EU at the time, and there werent any orgs willing to relocate a team across th...
ex-Winstrike vs EXTREMUM
I reqatched the quarter final of that major vs ence... the comparison of them playing then and now is day amd night, i cant believe they are the same players
S1mple vs Zywoo comparison
Me>both of them. I chose to not go pro, so the other teams could have a chance, but i can tell you with 100% certainty that i am the best csgo plyaer ever